Our History and Accomplishments

Since its beginning, NUBE has been working with a diverse cadre of leaders to build a direct action grassroots organization. In 2007, NUBE’s members engaged for the first time in local politics by the grassroots campaign to elect the district’s first Latina who ran for office. One of the most important aspects of the campaign accomplishment was the creation of a diverse core group of residents who had built trust with each other, gained concrete skills in electoral organizing and developed a common understanding of the challenges and possibilities facing their community.

Building on that accomplishment in 2008, Neighbors United for a Better East Boston (NUBE) was born as its leaders engaged over 30 East Boston residents in member and house meetings to produce a mission statement and a core team of leaders.After that, NUBE continued to focus on building its infrastructure and its base by conducting a series of one-to-one and house meetings, expanding its civic engagement efforts by organizing and outreaching for the 2010 Census in East Boston hard to count areas, hiring local residents to lead short term initiatives and starting its leadership development initiatives. In addition, NUBE hired its first full time Lead Organizer, building organizational capacity to aggressively work and increase its community presence, base building, leadership development, accountability initiatives, and issue based campaign development.

In 2015, NUBE was successful in deepening 10 new members in voter and civic engagement skills throughout the year, every year; reaching over 100 participants through our civic engagement movie series; collecting over 200 pledges in support of Just Cause Eviction municipal ordinance; and encouraging members to engage in active local, state and national campaigns. But the organization was also faced with critical questions and decisions on the organization structure, role and function for long-term sustainability. This initiated deeper reflection of our approach, challenges and strengths in combating oppressive racist public institutions and hateful rhetoric that is currently being illustrated in the 2016 presidential candidates.

For the past year staff and 10 of the organizations’ most active members have participated in an 8 month facilitated organization assessment that is transforming the organizations’ mission, values, model, and internal practices to build leaders that support social transformation by make East Boston more united through active community engagement. 

Some of NUBE’s accomplishments over the past five years are:

  • Organized against anti-immigrant policies and programs such as Secure Communities, resulting in piloting a Comité Defensa del Barrio initiative for organizing immigrant families. Most recently, NUBE took a lead role organizing and mobilizing constituents to push local elected officials to pass the Boston Trust Act.

  • Developed and launched NUBE’s Right to Remain in East Boston campaign while engaging the broader community by conducting 12 educational meetings in understanding the growing threat of displacement and the lack of accountability from developers in light of the campaign’s principles and demands.

  • After a wave of sexual assaults in East Boston, NUBE supported a neighbor-led effort to engage the community at large, our local police precinct and our elected officials in discussions about public safety. Through several community meetings and forums, public knowledge about how to address crime incidents increased while police knowledge about public safety challenges faced by immigrant neighbors was enhanced.

  • Trained over 40 new first time volunteers in NUBE’s civic engagement and issue campaigns, who now have skills and expertise in canvassing, phone banking, data entry, conducting Get Out the Vote and voter registration activities, volunteer recruitment and  event planning.

  • Increased voter turnout 10-15% in the 2014 election in precincts with a high density of people of color and 66% of contacted voters turning out on Election Day.

  • Collected over 1,300 signatures for the Raise Up Massachusetts coalition ballot referendum to place raising the MA minimum wage and Earned Paid Sick Time on the 2014 gubernatorial ballot. Passed Earned Sick Time by 80% in NUBE core precincts in comparison 65% in non-covered precincts.