Join us in organizing for Just Cause Eviction

NUBE is canvassing for a Just Cause Eviction law.

Currently in Massachusetts, landlords can evict “no fault,” which means they do not need to provide a reason. While most landlords will provide a reason, many evictions are no-fault. A lot of big corporate landlords and flippers are using this as a way to push people out of our communities to make more profit.

A Just Cause Eviction law would put the brakes on the displacement chain reaction by protecting vulnerable renters.

Join Us to March on May 1st - Liberty Plaza 3:30pm

160 May 1st Workers Rights March and Rally

Dance Party

158 Dance

Get to know the candidates for State Representative - Thursday, Feb 26

Join us for a group discussion with the candidates for State Representative on Thursday, February 26 at 6pm. This is the perfect opportunity to meet the candidates and get to know them so you can decide who to vote for in the primary on March 3. The event will take place at 28 Paris Street near Maverick Square.

Also look out for the voter guide we’ll be sending out next week!

Register to vote by February 11 so you can help choose our next State Representative

February 11 is the last day to register to vote before the special election primary on March 3. If you would like to register to vote or know someone who does, please call NUBE at 617-981-4010.

NUBE Launches Right to Remain Campaign in East Boston

What’s the Right to Remain Campaign?

We have been meeting, planning, organizing and in the 2014 NUBE Retreat, members committed to working on the Right to Remain in East Boston campaign. The campaign seeks to link the work of the immigrant rights committee with the fair economy committee.